Dear Reader,

Welcome to the official blog for the Royal Society of Canada’s Expert Panel on the Status and Future of Canada’s Libraries and Archives. You can find the panel’s full mandate on the RSC site. This blog is one of the many ways the panel is reaching out to involve Canadians in our consultations. It is an invitation to professionals and the public alike to join the conversation.

To receive as many views as possible about our libraries and archives, their current and anticipated services, and the ways digital technology is revolutionizing our knowledge universe, we are inviting comments on this blog. We are also planning the following future consultations:

  • Yellowknife (Sept. 13-14)
  • Vancouver (Sept. 19-21)
  • Ottawa (Oct. 4)
  • Winnipeg (Oct. 18-19)
  • Calgary (Oct. 22-25)
  • Montreal (Oct. 24)
  • Edmonton (Oct. 28-29)
  • Halifax (Nov. 8-9)
  • Toronto (Jan. 15-17)

The blog will report on these consultations and allow those who have not been able to attend or who have had to leave early to participate in the conversation. Your views will be important components of our final report, which will be posted on the RSC site and made widely available.

We invite you to contribute your thoughts on current and future library and archive matters by commenting on blog posts. We want to hear from you!


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