Questions for Consultation at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, Yellowknife, NWT

The following questions are intended to focus our consultation at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife, NWT on Friday, September 13, 2013 from 1:30 – 4:30. We invite consultation participants and blog readers alike to join in the conversation and respond to the questions below.


1. How would you describe the services Canadians, including Aboriginal Canadians and new Canadians, are currently receiving from libraries and archives in the North?

2. Libraries are currently hybrid operations, constantly pulled toward traditional services by many core users and pulled, equally, by a concern for relevancy from other users and potential users. What issues are libraries facing as they try to make the transition to new service models?

3. How do libraries and archives measure outcomes of their service and community impacts?

4. What needs to be done to facilitate libraries in cataloguing, storing, and providing access to research data? Who would be an appropriate partner in providing these services?


1. Would Canadians know of, or understand the contribution you make to library/archival service in Canada?

2. Describe the services provided directly to users, and if they are consortial in nature please describe the mechanisms in place to define, refine and measure the impact of the services.

3. In the digital era, what support for researchers do/should libraries provide?

4. What in your opinion are the specific roles of libraries and/or archives and/or museums and other heritage institutions in community building and memory building?



1. What are the main challenges of born-digital material for your institution?

2. What will be the function of a brick-and-mortar library or archive in the future?


1. What changes, in your judgment, are necessary in the professional education and training of librarians/archivists in the 21st century?

2. What conversations do you think need to take place with library, archival, and information studies programs about staff requirements, and have they begun?


1. Public libraries are primarily funded by local municipalities, with little funding from any other level of government. Most towns and cities are too small to support needed technology. How do we encourage the creation of library systems (or consortia) that can meet the increasingly sophisticated technology-driven needs and vital digital resources of libraries?

2. What percentage increase to your current budget would permit you to realize the aspirations of your users? If you received an increased budget and consistent adequate resources, describe your library/archives in 2020.


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